Stadt Treuenbrietzen
Großstraße 105
14929 Treuenbrietzen
Wappen der Stadt Treuenbrietzen 21.09.2019 

Welcome to Treuenbrietzen – also called „Sabinchenstadt“ which means Sabinchen’s town (Sabinchen is a female forename)

View to the city hall

The idyllic town of Treuenbrietzen, with its medieval town Centre, is situated in the northern edge of the glacial land ridge called „Niederer Fläming“. In this area, you will mainly find pine and a lot of other species of tree. Many half-timbered buildings, some constructed in the 19th century, give the overall impression of the town’s beautiful landscape. The town center is surrounded by a unique green belt of picturesque scenery, which was designed and created by the pharmacist and biologist Carl August Pauckert in 1868 in order to give people a place for tranquility and recreation.

Cycle paths and pedestrian walkways invite you to explore the lovely area around the town with its unspoilt nature, wildlife and rural villages. Treuenbrietzen is situated in the Nuthe-Nieplitz Park which was named after the coming together of two rivers. Here you can experience pure nature.

The Towns’s Tourist Information Bureau offers you information about the town and its surrounding villages, called Ortsteile. We can also give you an insight into the work of the urban administration as well as into politics, tradition and history, current events, activities of local clubs and promotion of the economy and tourism. We can also give you ideas for excursions and sporting events.

Treuenbrietzen is a family and child-friendly town. We offer leisure activities to accommodate all age groups.

The town became widely known through the so-called „Moritat“ – a song describing in verse and prose the event of Sabinchen’s betrayal: Sabinchen was a domestic servant. Trying to help her lover who was a poor shoemaker from Treuenbrietzen, she stole the silver spoons from the rich family she worked for. After they found out Sabinchen lost her job. Then Sabinchen was angry with her lover, and unfortunately he killed her. Every year, at the second weekend in June, the Sabinchen Festival takes place and lasts ten days. Among the many attractions offered is a colourful parade and a special dance called „Der Tanz unter dem Löffelbaum“ (= dance under the spoon tree).

A warm welcome awaits you when you come to experience living history at first hand.

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